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Thank you very much for visiting the Site. This site is dedicated to promote understanding of Nautical/maritime Archaeology in Japan. At this point, there is no support for English language. The main theme of the site is to introduce theory, projects, and other information about the nautical/maritime archaeology world wide to the Japanes public.

The study of nautical/maritime archaeology is not a viable field in Japan, yet. With more information available, this would change. Thefore, I am requesting to publish your project reports, web-sites, and works relating to the field via my site. With your help, we can together make the study of maritime culture and history more well-known in Japan.

I believe this would lead to a development of the new field in Japan. This new study can provide a valuable information about the seafaring tradition of East Asia, which we know so little about. Please support our effort to promote the nautical/maritime archaeology in East Asia.

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April 1. 2005


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