Beneath the Seven Seas: Adventures With The Institute of Nautical Archaeology
Beneath the Seven Seas: Adventures With The Institute of Nautical Archaeology
Thames & Hudson (2005-11)
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When I first conceived the idea of editing Beneath the Seven Seas: Adventures with the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, I had in mind a well-illustrated book that would give the average reader the results of shipwreck excavations conducted by the Institute (INA)….

At that time, for example, I was publishing a book of more than 550 pages on just one shipwreck I had excavated, the first of three planned volumes of the same size. Few people other than a few Byzantine scholars will even look at those large and expensive volumes, but new knowledge of the past gained by the excavation, I thought, could be summarized in just a few pages for the enjoyment and education of both scholars and lay people.

To give readers of Beneath the Seven Seas the vicarious pleasure of being present during each project, I asked the twenty-six other authors to write in the first person, and to describe camp life, diving, and the necessary years of conservation and library research that follow the excavations. When possible, I tried to include pictures of authors in their chapters so that readers could better identify with them.

After I proposed the book to Thames and Hudson, the publisher, I was told that the title was not suitable, for INA did not truly work around the world–\”beneath the Seven Seas.\” Colleagues came to my rescue. Jeremy Green is Head of the Department of Maritime Archaeology at the Western Australian Maritime Museum, but he began his career as an underwater archaeologist with me in Turkey, and has worked on INA projects from Kenya to Turkey. For that reason, he has for years been listed as an INA Research Associate. For the book he volunteered to write about his projects in Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Micronesia. Paul Johnston, Curator of Maritime History at the Smithsonian Institution\’s National Museum of American History in Washington, DC, while he was a student worked on INA excavations from Turkey to the states of Maine and Virginia in the United States, and thus he considers himself part of the \”INA family.\” He said he wanted to write about his excavation in Hawaii. Soon there were chapters about projects from the North Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea, the Black Sea, and the Yellow Sea!

One geographical area I wish I could have included was Japan, with its long history of seafaring. But, unfortunately, the book was planned and near completion before Randall Sasaki\’s work there on Kublai Khan\’s fleet, partly supported by INA, was fully developed. Perhaps one day he will edit a new edition of the book, with full descriptions of all the new projects that are supported by the Institute of Nautical Archaeology.

George F. Bass

最初に私がこの本(Beneath the Seven Seas; Adventures with the Institute of Nautical Archaeology)を編集するアイディアを思いついたとき、イラストなどを中心とした一般向けの本で読者にINAの研究の結果を知ってもらうことであった。ちょうどそのころ550ページにもなる一つの沈没船の発掘調査の報告書(3冊のうちの1冊)を出版するときであった。このビザンツ時代の沈没船の報告書は研究者以外はほとんど読まないであろう。この沈没船から得られた貴重な情報をほんの2-3ページでまとめれば、一般読者にも充分理解できるであろうと考えた。


出版社にこの本の出版を依頼した際、タイトルに問題があると言われた。それは、タイトルがSeven Seas...とあるものの、INAは世界の海には潜っておらず、内容とタイトルが一致しないとの理由であった。それを知ったとき、世界各地からこの本の出版に協力をしたいと研究者から手助けがあった。Jeremy Green氏は現在Western Australian Maritime Museumの館長を務めているが、以前、キレニアの発掘などでINAに関わり、その理由からINAのリサーチアシスタントとして長年活躍した。Green氏にはタイ、スリランカ、マイクロネシアなどでの発掘の様子を書いてもらった。Paul Johnston氏はスミソニアン博物館に所属しており、トルコ、アメリカのメイン州やバージニア州での発掘に参加した。Johnston氏はハワイでの発掘について書いてもらうことになった。彼らは皆、INAファミリーの一員としてこの本の出版に協力をしてもらった。このように、世界各地の海、大西洋、紅海、黒海、そして黄海まで含むことが出来た。

一つ気がかりなことは、日本での水中考古学のプロジェクトをこの本に含むことが出来なかったことである。日本の長い海洋文化の歴史を含むことが出来なかったのは残念であり、Randall Sasaki氏が日本でプロジェクトを始める時にはすでに出版が決まっていたのである。このプロジェクトはINAも協力をしていたが、間に合わなかったのであった。いつの日か、この本の第2版が出版される場合は、彼にもINAと協力して行うプロジェクトの数々を書いてもらうことになるであろう。




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