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The Marine Technology Society (MTS) が新しく代表者二人を決定しました。Marek JasinskiさんとBrian Abbottさんです。MTSの新しい目標はアメリカとヨーロッパ以外の国からも積極的にメンバーを募ること、とくに海洋考古学が発展途上の国々などへのアプローチも行う予定だそうです。また、数多くの水中考古学者、サルベージ会社、海軍などとの協力も重視し、ジャーナルなども出版する予定。

MTS Archaeology and Diving Committees elect new chairs
by: OilOnline
Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Marek Jasinski and Brian Abbott have been elected to chair Professional Committees of the Marine Technology Society. Jasinski will take over the Marine Archaeology Committee, and Abbott will head the Diving Committee. Professional Committees are the society’s technical interest groups.

Jasinski is professor of maritime archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology and Studies of Religion at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He offers seven main goals he would like to achieve as chair, including attracting members from countries other than the United States and Northern Europe. “A special challenge would be to attract and incorporate at least a few young people from developing countries.”

Other goals are to establish channels for discussions and innovative forms of co-operation between marine archaeologists and marine salvage companies; to develop an international journal; and to develop dynamic and innovative international co-operation among marine archaeology, marine industry and the U.S. Navy.

Brian Abbott owns Nautilus Marine Group International LLC of Haslett, Mich., which works in the area of underwater inspection of marine structures. In 2000, he established the civil engineering diving committee of the Association of Diving Contractors International and served as chairman for five years. During that same period, he has also been director of the Lansing/Jackson chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

“I believe that my diverse background in engineering, geophysics and commercial diving allows me to bring unique perspectives to the committee and lead it into the future,” Abbott noted. “Although the relationship between MTS and ADCI is very good, I believe that my past and current association with the ADCI can make th



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